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Risk Tolerance Estimator

Use this questionnaire to help estimate your investment risk tolerance – or the amount of investment risk or uncertainty you might be comfortable with. Once you have answered the questions, you’ll see which investor profile and fund mix might be right for you.

The fund mixes shown are not recommendations, and the results of this questionnaire should not be taken as advice. Additional factors must be considered when assessing your personal risk tolerance, such as your age and health, family history and situation, other sources of retirement income, other investments and so on. Before you reallocate your pension funds, we encourage you to consult a qualified advisor about the entirety of your personal financial situation.

When do you plan to start spending your pension funds?

You are investing $10,000 for one year. Given the four possible results shown below, which would you prefer?

How would you react if one of your investments lost 10% in one month?

Which statement best describes your investment knowledge?

Please indicate your reaction to the following statements.

When I decide to make an investment, I’m far more concerned about risk of loss than potential return

I prefer guaranteed investments even though they pay the lowest returns

How dependent are you on your pension plan assets for your retirement?

I’m willing to accept the risk of occasional short-term losses to have the opportunity to earn higher long-term average returns.