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​​Arranging survivor benefits

Your pension funds are a valuable benefit – both for you and any loved ones you leave behind. It is important to review your designation regularly to ensure it fits with your current situation.


If you die before you start receiving retirement income, the nature of your survivor’s benefits depends on whether you have a spouse.​

​How to designate or change a beneficiary

Your beneficiary (spouse or primary beneficiary only) is listed on your CSS Pension Plan annual statement and myCSSPEN profile.

Here are the steps to take if you choose to designate or change a beneficiary:

  • To designate a beneficiary, complete the Designation of Beneficiary form and mail it to the CSS Pension Plan. It becomes effective once we receive the completed form.

  • To change or revoke a beneficiary, complete a new Designation of Beneficiary form and mail it to the CSS Pension Plan. The most recently completed designation we receive becomes the current designation.

Designating a beneficiary in your Will

The Rules of the Plan also permit you to designate a beneficiary or revoke a previous designation in your Will.

The designation must specifically refer to your CSS pension funds to be effective.

If you choose to designate, change or revoke a designated beneficiary through your Will rather than by completing and forwarding a Designation of Beneficiary form to the CSS Pension Plan, you should consult your lawyer.​


If you die after you start receiving retirement income, your survivor’s benefits depend on the type of retirement income option you chose.​

​Common accident

In all provinces and territories where the Plan operates, legislation settles the order of succession to your property if you and your beneficiary die in a common accident.

You may wish to consult your lawyer to designate an alternate beneficiary in your Will.​