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Making investment decisions​

When it comes to choosing how to invest your pension funds, there is no right answer. Much depends on your age, your other assets, your planned retirement date and your comfort with risk.

We encourage you to review your personal circumstances with one of our Retirement and Pension Advisors or a qualified financial advisor at your financial institution to make a decision that's right for you.​

Investment choices

You can choose how to invest your pension funds in the CSS Pension Plan, though you're not required to.

What are my choices?

The CSS Pension Plan offers four investment funds ​ – a Money Market Fund, Bond Fund, Balanced Fund and Equity Fund. Each fund – or combination of funds – has different levels of risk and expected returns. How you choose to invest your pension funds can impact your retirement plan.​

Do I have to choose?

No. Members who do not want to set and monitor their own asset mix are automatically invested into the Balanced Fund. The Balanced Fund is the Plan's original diversified investment option.

Can I change my mind?

Yes. We understand that life circumstances and retirement plans can change, so you are free to move as little or as much of your pension funds as you like to any of the four funds, at any time. See changing your investments​ for instructions on how to do so.

What should I consider?

To make an informed choice, you should consider the following questions:

1. ​When will I retire?

2. How much pension funds will I need?

3. What type of retirement income do I want?

Your answers to these questions will affect how your pension funds should be invested. For help answering these questions, you should consult one of our Retirement and Pension Advisors or a qualified financial advisor at your credit union or bank.

Investment risk and return

Market timing risk

​"Market timing" is the strategy of moving pension funds among the Plan's investment options in response to short-term market conditions.

Although you are free to do so, here are some things to think about before you take action.

Investing in retirement