At 32, Desmond has over 20 years to invest towards retirement, even if he chooses to retire early. He is focused on maximizing the returns on his investment while age is still on his side.


“I still have a lot of time before I can retire. Since I’m working with a long-term investment horizon, I’m not too worried about the short-term ups and downs of the stock markets. I understand that in any given year I could see my Plan investments decline in value but accepting that risk is the trade-off for potentially higher investment returns over the long term. My current goal is to maximize the growth of my Plan investments over the long term,” Desmond says.

Desmond considers his investment experience and knowledge to be moderate. He knows that the Equity Fund has more potential for high returns but also has the highest risk out of the Plan’s four-fund line-up. To help him with his investment decision, he used the online Risk Tolerance Estimator to see which investment fund(s) might best suit his risk tolerance.

Completing the Risk Tolerance Estimator helped Desmond determine that an aggressive investor profile best reflects his investment goals and tolerance for risk. The Risk Tolerance Estimator also suggested a combination of CSS funds (50% Balanced Fund and 50% Equity Fund) that should suit Desmond based on his investor profile. Desmond reviewed the Balanced and Equity Fund Fact Sheets on the CSS website to learn more about them and ultimately chose to invest as the Estimator suggested.

“I think I made a good decision by splitting my pension funds between the Balanced Fund and the Equity Fund. This gives me the benefit of diversifying my investment while still investing aggressively. Since I won’t be retiring anytime soon, there’s good potential for greater returns in the long haul. I am also seriously considering making additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to increase the likelihood of reaching my retirement savings goal,” Desmond concluded.

Desmond feels confident about his investment decisions and plans to re-evaluate his investment choice from time to time as his situation changes.

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