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​Bulletins and updates

As an employment pension plan, the CSS Pension Plan works closely with our employer members to administer Plan benefits to participating employees.

To help your organization stay current on the latest Plan news, programs and services, as well as changes to the pension landscape, we've developed the E-Update - an e-newsletter for employers.

To subscribe to the E-Update, email with "Subscribe to CSS E-Update" in the subject line.

E-Update archive

09/27/2018 - September E-Update
06/13/2018 - June E-Update
03/01/2018 - March E-Update
11/27/2017 - November E-Update
08/09/2017 - August E-Update
05/25/2017 - May E-Update
02/08/2017 - February E-Update

The 2020 CRA maximum contribution limit for employee members of defined contribution pension plans is the LESSER of:
For 2020, the employee delegate election will be held for the following regions and groups:
  • Alberta/British Columbia/Northern Canada region
  • Manitoba/Eastern Canada region
  • Retired Employee group 
We are very pleased to introduce online and telephone voting to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of our election process. 

We will send a Candidate Information Sheet to members who are eligible to vote through their employers. The sheet contains the member's Election ID and Voting PIN which are required to access the voting system.

 Voting is open from December 19, 2019 to 11:59pm January 24, 2020.

Additional information on the election is available here.