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Employee delegate election

For 2022, the employee delegate election will be held for the following region:

  • Alberta/British Columbia/Northern Canada region 

We are offering online and telephone voting to enhance the efficiency of our election process. To use the voting system, you’ll require your Elector ID and Voting PIN located on the Candidate Information Sheet we sent to you if you are eligible to vote.

You’ll be redirected to our voting partner website when you click on the ‘Vote now’ button below. Log in with your Elector ID and Voting PIN and follow the instructions to vote for a candidate of your choice.

The deadline for voting is 11:59 p.m. January 31, 2022.

If you are unable to click the 'Vote now' button above, you can try clicking the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser's address bar: 

Meet the candidates

Alberta-British Columbia-Northern Canada region

Four candidates to be elected for three-year terms:

Vice President Operations - Petroleum, Wine Spirits Beer, Home Health Care, Cannabis and Business Development
Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd., Calgary, AB
Co-operative service - 40 years. CRS service - Three years at FCL and 37 years at retail co-operatives. Have served as a CSS delegate for 17 years.
Educational Achievements: Business Management Certificate, Dalhousie University; Strategic Planning and Management Certificate in Retailing , Babson College; Institute of Corporate Directors Designation, ICD.D 
Plan Provisions: “The Plan provisions continue to be well viewed by our members and serve us well. However, management and board continue to look for opportunities to add or make changes that will provide value/benefit to our members, while continuing to balance value vs cost. The Plan’s management team provides strong, conservative leadership in vetting and recommending changes to the Plan’s provisions. I believe this style of leadership and management will continue to serve us well in the future.” 
Investments: “Although the markets have continued to be volatile in recent years, the Money Market Fund has provided a good shelter to protect capital for those nearing retirement, while the Balanced Fund has continued to realize returns close to our benchmark. The longer-term growth strategy for the Plan is sound, which includes the addition of new investment mandates over the past few years such as the Core Plus Bond Strategy, Emerging Market Mandate and most recently Alternative Assets, such as commercial mortgages and real estate. These mandates have an expectation to add value vs their benchmarks in a time, and expected future, of lower market returns, while staying within our Risk/Return profile.” 
Member Services: “We have seen great new additions to our member services and communications, such as our newly redeveloped website, informational videos, e-newsletters, retirement planning assistance and an outreach initiative to connect with members nearing retirement. There are a host of other things the team continues to provide and others that are under development, so stay tuned!”

Meat Manager 
Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd., Calgary, AB 
One year of service.
Comments: “As an individual who is closing in on a career, I believe I have a perspective that takes into account the many stages of personal growth, including financial abilities and responsibilities during the stages of our working cycle. Over the last number of years, I am amazed by the limited knowledge of employees with a pension or defined pension understanding the benefit and long-term value of their retirement program. Over my career, I have ensured I maximized to the best of my financial ability retirement investments and utilization of tools available. I know this is an area we can offer a higher degree of communication to our members and the creation of a well-rounded communications strategy that resonates with our members. Ensuring members have a ‘reasonable’ financial acumen will support employee mental health as their retirement date becomes a reality.” 

Peninsula Co-op, Sannichton, BC
Forty-four years of service.
Educational Achievements: Business Administration Diploma; Variety of post-secondary courses at Athabasca University, Sauder School of Business, and University of Saskatchewan. 
Plan Provisions: “I appreciate the options available in the current portfolios. I think the Plan has done an excellent job in providing the variety and mix of options. I would like to see those options continued.” 
Investments: “I agree with the current practice of investing discipline for the long-term. Market fluctuations can create some anxiety but are very normal. Discipline over the long term is very important.” 
Member Services: “The addition of personal financial planning services offered to CSS members has been very well received. I would encourage more of our CSS members to take advantage of these services offered.” 

General Manager
Wildrose Co-operative Association Ltd., Camrose, AB
Thirty-four years of service. Has served as a delegate for eight years.
Educational Achievements: Marketing diploma - SIAST; 2 years U of S; Food Manager and General Manager Group Training - FCL. 
Comments: “During my terms as a delegate representing Alberta/BC/Northern Canada I have appreciated the board and management commitment giving members more digital access to accounts, transactions, and self management of the allocation to the different funds. I also appreciate and see further opportunity around the financial planning and advisors for our members to access these services for their retirement planning.”

Chief Executive Officer
1st Choice Savings & Credit Union, Lethbridge AB
Twenty–eight years of service. Has served as a delegate for 10 years, five of which has also been as a Director. 
Educational Achievements: Certified Management Accountant (CMA); Certified Employee Benefits (CEBS). 
Plan Provisions: “Continue to create the framework and environment for CSS to grow and flourish. From a member’s perspective, this means you are assured of the best practices in pension plan governance and management.” 
Investments: “To maximize investment returns, with a focus on the long-term growth prospects of the Plan within prudent risk levels.” 
Member Services: “Guiding you through the pension experience and helping you understand the benefits of your Plan by offering you access to valuable information, tools and services regarding your Pension Plan.”