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We have adopted the “Living with COVID-19” guidelines as posted by the Government of Saskatchewan. While masks are no longer required in our offices, any person working or visiting CSS may continue to wear a mask as they feel best for them and their personal needs. For more information, please see this article.

CSS Pension Plan is committed to providing you with the best service possible during this difficult period. This page is a one-stop shop for all the information regarding our operations, market conditions and recommendations in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

​Message from the Executive Director


Dear CSS members,

As you may be aware, the Government of Saskatchewan has decided to remove the public health order making masking mandatory in all indoor spaces on February 28, 2022... Read more

​COVID-19 Update: Fall 2021


As this update is being prepared, many jurisdictions across the country are escalating measures to fend off the "fourth wave" of COVID-19. 

Here in Saskatchewan, the province is implementing a change of rules to address healthcare capacity pressures. CSS has been... Read more

Has it really only been one year?


Learn more about how we are remaining focused on the wellbeing of our members despite the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic... Read more

​COVID-19 Update: Fall 2020


CSS remains committed to effectively supporting our members and staff in a manner that is safe while we are under the throes of the pandemic. Since the release of the Spring/Summer 2020 edition of TimeWise that detailed our COVID-19 response, we have done the following...Read more

​A look at recent market performance and what might be ahead of us


What a difference a few months has made! Global markets have largely recovered their losses from late March, and some stock indices have even achieved significantly higher valuations at the time of writing (mid-September) than they were at the start of the year and pre-COVID...Read more


​Retirement Income and Investment Considerations


This webinar was designed to provide timely information, guidance and recommendations to help members efficiently navigate retirement income and investment decisions in light of COVID-19 and the current market conditions...Watch recording

​COVID-19 update: re-opening plan


Our chief concern at Co-operative Superannuation Society (CSS) continues to be the health and well-being of our staff, members and communities. We continue to monitor the information and guidance provided by the Saskatchewan government in planning...Read more

​Member profile: Ron Gartner


A retiree of the CSS Pension Plan for the last 13 years, Ron had only recently retired when the markets fell substantially in 2008. The CSS Pension Plan’s Balanced Fund posted a loss of -18.57% that year. Though it is commonly an unsettling experience to watch the markets drop...Read more

​Riding the market roller coaster


​To say the markets have been on a roller coaster as of late is an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic sent the investment world into a tailspin and made an already difficult time even tougher for those who have watched their investments fall...Read more

TimeWise spring 2020

​TimeWise spring 2020 - COVID-19 issue


​Financial hardship unlocking


Generally speaking, in Canada, to unlock pension funds, the funds must first be transferred out of the employer's registered pension plan (RPP) and into a LIRA (locked-in retirement account) or LIF (life income fund) in your name...Read more

Variable Benefit (VB) changes made amid COVID-19 pandemic


On March 25, 2020, the Government of Canada enacted changes to the 2020 minimum withdrawal amount for registered retirement income funds (RRIFs) and Variable Benefit (VB) payments made from defined contribution pension plans and pooled registered pension plans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic...Read more

​COVID-19 update: CSS office closed to visitors


Effective immediately, the CSS office is now closed to visitors (including members and non-CSS personnel), until further notice. Although we are currently unable to meet with you in person, we are still available to assist you over the phone, email or through our website...Read more

​Recent market madness: Have we been here before?


“It’s different this time” is a phrase that is sometimes characterized as being very dangerous words when it comes to investing. However, if we compare what’s happening today in light of COVID-19 to what occurred in 2008, for example, “it’s different this time” can perhaps be seen in a positive light...Read more

COVID-19 update


The Co-operative Superannuation Society Pension Plan (CSS) cares deeply about the well-being of our members, our employees, our communities, and the various partners we rely on to create value for our members every day...Read more

​RIO workshops cancelled


The CSS Pension Plan is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our members, their families and communities. In response to the recent progression of COVID-19, the following Retirement Income Options (RIO) workshops have been cancelled...Read more

​​Reflections on recent market volatility


The headlines related to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, are scary; “Virus now growing faster outside China,” “Infection spread speeds up beyond China as virus breaks new ground,” and so on. It seems a pandemic is inevitable...Read more