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​​Investment funds​

The CSS Pension Plan offers four investment funds - the Balanced Fund, Money Market Fund, Equity Fund and Bond Fund.

Using any or all of the four funds, you have the option to set an investment mix appropriate to your own goals and circumstances, and according to your own risk tolerance and investment comfort.


Balanced Fund​

The Balanced Fund is the CSS Pension Plan's default investment fund. 

The primary purpose of the Balanced Fund is to provide moderate long-term growth with managed volatility. It may be useful for members:

  • Who consider themselves to be long-term investors
  • Who wish to take advantage of the fund's professional management, broad diversification and automatic rebalancing

MER - 0.52%

​Money Market Fund

The Money Market Fund is invested in one asset class, Canadian short-term investments.

The primary purpose of the Money Market Fund is to preserve capital. It may be useful for members:

  • ​Who expect to "exit the markets" when they retire
  • Who wish to create a spending reserve from which to draw income when they retire​

MER - 0.17%


​Equity Fund

The Equity Fund is invested 100% in equities (or stocks).

The primary purpose of the Equity Fund is to offer members access to a higher risk/return strategy. It may be useful for members:

  • ​Who have a long-term investment horizon
  • Who are willing and able to take on more risk in order to have the opportunity to earn higher average returns

MER - 0.43%


​Bond Fund

The primary purpose of the Bond Fund is to offer members access to a lower risk/return strategy. It may be useful for members:

  • ​​Who wish to reduce their risk of short-term losses as they approach retirement
  • Who are uncomfortable with the risk/return profile of the Balanced Fund
  • Who are willing to accept a lower average return, knowing that higher contributions may be required or that retirement may have to be delayed

MER - 0.48%


Quarterly Investment Report

Compare the four investment funds using our Quarterly Investment Report. The report is updated quarterly and outlines the return history, fund managers, objectives and investor/risk profile for each fund.

Q4/22 Quarterly Investment Report