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Career timeline​

While saving for retirement can be challenging, there are options available to you that may help your savings grow - no matter what your age. 

While a defined contribution pension plan, like the CSS Pension Plan, can help provide a substantial portion of your retirement income, just how much you end up with at retirement depends on the choices you make with respect to your funds in the Plan and your own personal savings. 

Your 20s​

Develop a budget 

Though you may not have much money during these years, what you do have is time. 

You may not have major demands on your money yet either, like a mortgage. This gives you flexibility to save - even if it’s just a small amount, which can add up over time. 

Consider budgeting and cutting out small purchases - like that daily caramel macchiato - and set up auto-payments to put that money toward your savings instead. Your future self will thank you.

​Your 30s

Consider a higher risk/return strategy 

More aggressive investment choices might help savings grow more rapidly during this decade. Keep in mind that the Plan offers four investment funds with different levels of risk so you can set a mix that fits your goals.

Consider making AVCs 

Compound returns happen when your investment earnings start accruing earnings on themselves. One way that may help increase growth through compounding is by making additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to the CSS Pension Plan. 

​Your 40s

Max out your contributions

Whether you choose to make AVCs to the CSS Pension Plan or max out your contributions toward other savings vehicles, this is the decade when you may be able to afford to do so.

Create a retirement plan

This is a good decade to start a retirement plan. Your plan can help you stay on track toward reaching your retirement goals, and you’ll still have time to make adjustments if you need to. Our CSS Pension Plan Consultants can help you create a customized retirement plan just for you.

Your 50s and beyond

Review your retirement income options

With the CSS Pension Plan’s early retirement age of 50, this is the decade many members start thinking about when they might be able to retire. This is a good time to start reviewing the various retirement income options available - either with the CSS Pension Plan or your credit union or bank - because the option you choose could also affect your investment strategy.

*This information may not be suitable for your circumstances. Consult a CSS Pension Plan Consultant at or 1-844-4CSSPEN, or a qualified financial advisor to help you make choices that are right for you.

Article from the spring 2017 issue of TimeWise