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​Your pension: One of the most valuable yet forgotten benefits

Your pension is likely one of the most valuable benefits you have, but it’s also one of the most overlooked – and often forgotten – employment perks. This is especially true when members leave their employment with a CSS Pension Plan employer. 

Often in the midst of a move or job change, people simply forget to update their contact information with the Plan. After all, pensions are not usually at the top of mind when retirement can be years – if not decades – down the road.

Many pension plans struggle with the “missing member” dilemma, and thousands of dollars in pension funds often go unclaimed for many years simply because we cannot reach members because their contact information is out of date. 

The CSS Pension Plan recently initiated a campaign to find roughly 900 of our missing Plan members – and the results have been startling. Approximately 330 members have been located since July 2017, many who did not realize they had a pension with the CSS Pension Plan or how much their funds may have grown over the years. 

Russ* was one of these members, missing since 1988. His story below demonstrates how keeping your contact information up-to-date can go a long way.

​Russ’ story (based on actual events)**

Russ was an employee at Calgary Co-op in the 1980s. After contributing to the Plan for just over seven years, Russ left his employment in the summer of 1988. He withdrew his non-locked-in pension funds and left about $20,500 behind in the Plan. As the years went by, the sum was slowly forgotten and we lost touch with Russ. Statements were sent (and returned) and many phone calls were made to no avail; eventually Russ was added to our “missing members” list.

Nearly 30 years went by before we were able to find Russ again (in July 2017) after receiving a lead on his whereabouts. Our administrator, Joanne Anderson, was able to connect with him over the phone and asked Russ if he was curious about how much pension funds he had in the CSS Pension Plan today. Russ got all choked-up when Joanne told him his $20,500 had grown to over $244,000 in the Plan in 29 years.

With Russ turning 60 this fall, we are confident that the extra funds he did not realize he had will make a definite difference to his retirement plans.

On a side note, had Russ not withdrawn his non-locked-in funds, he’d have about $390,000 in the Plan today.

While every member’s story is different, Russ’ is one we tend to hear frequently. It goes to show the importance of keeping your contact information up-to-date – and the benefits of being a long-term saver in the CSS Pension Plan!**

*The member’s name has been changed to protect his identity.
**Keep in mind that every member’s story is different, and that past performance does not guarantee future results.

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