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​Welcome to your NEW member experience

What would you like to do today?

Review your annual statement (every February)

Your annual statement gives you:

  • Complete details of your status in the Plan;

  • The total contributions and investment earnings for the year; and 

  • The year-end balance.

It’s time to go digital! Sign-up to receive your annual statement online by logging into myCSSPEN and changing your communication preference to digital.

Log in to myCSSPEN

Use myCSSPEN to:

  • Check the value of your account;

  • Change your investments;

  • Update your contact information;

  • Access planning tools and calculators;

  • Keep track of any transactions made; and

  • Confirm your beneficiary is up to date.

Visit to log in or register for access. 

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Get the latest news and information about Plan programs and services, quarterly rates of return and our E-Digest delivered straight to your inbox.

Subscribe to our email list

Risk Tolerance Estimator

Determine your risk tolerance level to help you understand which investor profile may suit you based on your time horizon and investment knowledge.

Click here

Basic Retirement Planner

This planner helps you to understand if you are on track toward achieving your retirement savings goals. It also provides actions that you may wish to consider if you are estimated to not be on track to reach your retirement income goals.

Accessible only from your myCSSPEN account.

Pension Projector

Estimate your monthly pension, if you choose a guaranteed lifetime income at retirement. This calculator assumes that you will continue to make the same contribution amount to your pension account until you retire.

Accessible only from your myCSSPEN account.

Variable Benefit Illustrator

Estimate the amount of your Variable Benefit payments, if you opt for monthly or annual withdrawals from your CSS investments at retirement. This illustrator assumes that your pension contributions will continue until retirement.

Accessible only from your myCSSPEN account.

Log in or register for myCSSPEN to access these tools!

Retirement Income Options (RIO) Workshops

Coming in 2022: Attend an in-person or live virtual workshop. These workshops will be available throughout the year and are designed for members who are nearing retirement (ages 50 and older).

Available now: The full RIO workshop has been recorded and made into a series of online workshops. These are available online (to watch the videos, visit our website select Forms and resources > RIO Workshops) for anyone to watch, enjoy and learn from. Attend an in-person or online workshop, available throughout the year, designed for members who are nearing retirement (ages 50 and older).

The RIO Workshops provide in-depth information about the retirement income options available eto you, including pensions, annuities, variable benefit (VB) payments, life income funds (LIFs), and prescribed registered retirement income funds* (pRRIFs). You will also learn more about the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits, as well as personal savings vehicles available from credit unions and financial institutions such as registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs).

Visit our website to view the recorded workshop series. Watch the website for the 2022 dates and registration process for in-person and live virtual workshops.

*pRRIFs available in SK and MB only.

Online recorded webinars and videos

If unable to attend an in-person or online workshop, there are recorded webinars available on our website to view. From early-career, mid-career, to late-career, watch our video series to learn more about your plan. Visit our website select Forms and resources > Videos.

​Retirement and pension experts

Talk to one of our Advisors or Specialists about your pension and retirement questions via email, phone, virtual meetings and in-person meetings (subject to COVID-19 protocols).

Get to know your CSS Retirement and Pension Advisors here.