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​Website security upgrades and myCSSPEN

We are upgrading the security on our website effective June 26, 2017 to ensure a continued secure online experience for CSS Pension Plan members. 

If you run an unsupported operating system (like Windows XP or Windows Vista) or web browser (like Internet Explorer 8), you will likely experience issues when trying to access myCSSPEN.

We strongly recommend you upgrade your PC to a newer, supported and more secure version of Windows so you can continue to access your account information online safely and securely. 

When a Windows product is no longer supported, Microsoft will no longer provide automatic fixes or updates to help protect your PC from harmful viruses or other malicious software. For more information about the Windows product lifecycle, visit: 

Keep in mind that once the website security is upgraded, CSS Pension Plan staff will be unable to assist you should you have any issues relating to unsupported versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.

Thank you for your co-operation and partnership in helping us offer a secure online experience for all members of the CSS Pension Plan.