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Message from the Executive Director​

Dear CSS members,

As you may be aware, the Government of Saskatchewan has decided to remove the public health order making masking mandatory in all indoor spaces on February 28, 2022. More information is available here.

In light of this, CSS will be making changes to its COVID-19 protocols. Going forward, CSS will operate its business consistent with the "Living with COVID" guidelines posted by the Government of Saskatchewan. This means that masks will no longer be mandatory when visiting our office.

However, we appreciate that the choice to wear a mask or not is a personal one, and we encourage everyone to take the steps they feel necessary to protect themselves while the pandemic continues. Members and other CSS stakeholders visiting our office, as well as some of our CSS team, may not be comfortable going mask-less or may have health conditions that require them to continue wearing a mask. For these reasons, CSS will remain a “mask-friendly” environment.

While use of masks will no longer be mandatory in our office, if you are visiting our office for an in-person meeting and would like the CSS team member you are meeting with to wear a mask during the meeting, please let the staff member know and we will be happy to accommodate your request. The plexiglass barriers in our reception area will remain in place as another level of comfort. As always, in-person meetings are not a requirement to receive full service from our CSS team.  Telephone, email, or virtual meetings are used regularly by our team to provide convenient and complete service to all of our members. 

Let me close this note by extending my thanks to our members, staff and stakeholders of CSS for their vigilance, support and co-operation as we learn and adapt to living and working safely in a longer-term COVID environment.

Stay safe.

Martin McInnis
Executive Director
CSS Pension Plan

For more information on our pandemic protocols, please see our COVID-19 area.