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​Tami Dove, Director, Member Experience

It's about the people. 

A profile of Tami Dove, Director, Member Experience

As the CSS Pension Plan continues to focus on enhancing the experience we provide to CSS employers and members – from hire to retire and beyond – we are excited to welcome Tami Dove as our new Director, Member Experience.

In this brand-new role, Tami will lead CSS into the next frontier to expand the overall service we deliver to you as a Plan member. Under Tami's leadership, CSS will seek to adopt a member experience strategy to ensure that each point of contact you have with CSS results in a positive and memorable experience for you.

"I want to help members identify ways to leverage CSS. To leverage the value that we bring," Tami says. "I want members to see how CSS is part of their world and how we can help them reach their goals."

Whether you are looking for personalized retirement advisory services or plan to use our online educational tools and resources, the CSS team will focus on the optimal delivery of these services through technology and other leading- edge methods.

The key goal? To help you more easily navigate your retirement planning journey and achieve the retirement outcome you've envisioned.


Most recently the Director, Strategic Initiatives with the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) in Regina, Tami comes to CSS armed with vast expertise in pensions (in all jurisdictions in Canada) and the retirement industry including regulator law, investments, insurance and taxation.

As a former credit-union system employee herself, Tami has also been a member of CSS. Her knowledge of CSS was also amplified during her 13 years of working in the Saskatchewan pension industry. By wearing both a member's and regulator's hat over the years, she has encompassed a thorough understanding of CSS and appreciation and passion for the industry within which the Plan operates.

"I had these interactions with CSS, and I knew that they embraced the co- operative values that also speak to me," she says.

Tami says she always wanted to come back to the co-operative system. While she is an entrepreneur and innovator at heart, she says the people she serves remain at the core of everything she does. It goes without saying that the key co-operative value that has stuck with her throughout her career is 'caring for others.'

"The fact that co-operatives care for others, that it's part of our values, is important. It's about the people," she says.

"I hope that the membership realizes and understands that the CSS Pension Plan can impact their life from the day that they join the Plan and well into their late retirement years, because we are a type of pension plan that is quite unique," Tami notes.

She highlights the fact that CSS offers post-retirement income options, including Variable Benefit (VB) payments and annuities, is quite rare in the Canadian defined contribution (DC) pension space. This means you can continue to reap the benefits of being a CSS member for life if you choose to.

Tami says the other value-add she appreciates about the Plan is that members can create their own portfolio mix using the four professionally managed investment funds with management expense ratios (MERs), or fees, ranging from 0.14% to 0.46%.

“It’s like a DIY portfolio using those four professionally managed funds and with that low MER. That is really amazing, and it’s also somewhat unique in the DC pension world,” Tami says. “That flexibility and that choice that we give our members is important.”

tami quote.PNG


Tami was born in Regina but grew up in several different communities across Saskatchewan.

"An interesting tidbit is by the time I was 19, I had lived in 21 different homes," Tami recalls.

Tami says because her parents moved so frequently, the on-the-go experience encouraged her to get to know people and foster meaningful connections quickly.

She attributes her parents' own experience with retirement planning as a key influence in her decision to enter into the financial services industry.

"As I reached my teenage years, my parents were trying to retire," she remembers. "However, they never had a retirement planner or financial planner to guide them throughout their careers and into their retirement years. So they were entering their retirement in what appeared to me to not be the best financial position; I feared that retirement goals were not going to be met."

Tami says her parents' situation inspired her to help those in need of retirement planning guidance. She figured if she could help someone in their 20s, 30s or 40s get ahead of the retirement planning wave and improve their retirement outcome, then that is what she wanted to do.

"That's why. That's the passion. That's what keeps me connected to the pension industry," she says.

Tami would get the chance to pursue this passion at Border Credit Union (now amalgamated to Servus Credit Union), in Lloydminster in 2001, launching her career in the finance industry.​

Article from the spring/summer 2021 issue of TimeWise.