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Election of employee delegates

Employee delegate elections are held on a rotating two-year basis by region or group. In January 2019, seven delegates representing the Saskatchewan region, were acclaimed for two-year terms.

For 2020, the election of employee delegates will be held for the Alberta/British Columbia/Northern Canada region, Manitoba/Eastern Canada region, and the Retired Employee group.

This is the official notice of the calling of an election for January 24, 2020 for retirees and non-Saskatchewan employee delegates to attend the Annual Meeting of the Co-operative Superannuation Society, scheduled for April 2, 2020 in Saskatoon.

The delegates to be elected are as follows:

  • Two (2) delegates will be elected for two-year terms from and by the Retired Employees receiving monthly pensions or Variable Benefit payments from the CSS Pension Plan;

  • Four (4) delegates will be elected for two-year terms from and by active contributing employees employed in Alberta/British Columbia/Northern Canada;

  • Four (4) delegates will be elected for two-year terms from and by active contributing employees employed in Manitoba/Eastern Canada.

A nomination form for employee members in Alberta/British Columbia/Northern Canada region; the Manitoba/Eastern Canada region; and the Retired Employee group can be downloaded hereIn addition to completing the nomination form and questionnaire on the reverse of the nomination form, candidates are requested to forward a recent digital image to appear in the information sheet accompanying the ballot.

Nominations are to be forwarded to and received by the Returning Officer, no later than 4:30 p.m., Friday, November 29, 2019.

Upon close of nominations the Returning Officer will prepare the necessary ballot, containing the names of the qualified nominees, and arrange distribution of such ballots to employee members in the Alberta/British Columbia/Northern Canada and Manitoba/Eastern Canada regions for whom contributions and a completed application for membership has been received prior to November 1, 2019.

Martin McInnis, Returning Officer

More information about being a delegate