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Call for photos – new CSS Pension Plan website

Do you have an eye for photography? Why not showcase your skills and submit your most compelling photo for a chance to have it published on the new CSS Pension Plan website and other Plan communications!

We're looking for five striking high-resolution photos to include throughout our new website, which is slated to launch in 2016. You can submit one photo – or several – into any or all of our three main categories:

  • Landscapes and outdoor – Photos that capture the essence of where our members live, work and play from coast to coast to coast. Your photo will help demonstrate the geographical diversity of the Plan (e.g. photos of your community, scenic outdoor settings, cityscapes, shots of nearby lakes or parks, etc.).

  • ​Co-operative spirit – Photos that showcase the amazing work co-operatives and credit unions do each day, and/or the vast variety of occupations that belong to the Plan (e.g. photos of your co-workers supporting an event; working together at the office, store or plant; giving back to members or the community, etc.).

  • ​Your retirement – Photos of your retirement journey, whether you’re travelling the world, heading out on that road trip down south, or staying close to home to do the things you love doing most.

Submission guidelines

  • Please email your submission to no later than Sept. 23, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. (CST). Please include the following information in your email:
    • ​Your name
    • Your contact information
    • Your employer’s name
    • Where you took the photo
    • Which category(ies) you’re entering

  • Only high-resolution (300 dpi or more) electronic images will be considered in the following formats: .jpg or .png.
  • Multiple entries per individual and category are permitted.
  • Photos by amateur or professional photographers will be accepted. However, photos must be taken by CSS Pension Plan members.
  • Photos will be selected for publishing at the discretion of the CSS Pension Plan’s communications department. There is no assurance that your photo will be used. If your photo is selected, you’ll be required to sign a photo release.
  • Photos selected for publishing will be credited to the photographer.​